666 Number of the Beast

Who is the beast and the man with the number 666?

666 Number Of The Beast

666 being the number of the beast relates to one of the most important topics found in the book of Revelation, yet this is one subject where almost everyone quoting on this topic is basing their conclusions primarily on assumptions, and hence almost all are incorrect as you would expect.

For instance, many today have erroneously concluded that 666 is the mark of the beast when Revelation 13:17 clearly states that the “mark of the beast” and the “number of the beast” are two separate symbols. Verse 17 also says the “number of HIS name!” To quote the obvious, since it states “His name,” this means of course the “number of a man.” And since verse 18 says that the “number of the beast” is the “number of a man,” and the number of this man it is 666, then we know that the phrase the “number of his name” in verse 17 is definitely the number 666 and hence separate to the mark.

The book of Daniel informs us that a beast is a kingdom (Daniel 7:17; 7:23) and not Satan as the majority believe. Revelation 20:10 unmistakably identifies the Beast and Satan as two separate entities also for those who are still not convinced. Note also that the beast was conclusively identified in the 1500’s, which resulted in the very significant Protestant reformation and is the reason why we have so many different denominations today.

Since early Christianity there has been a great deal of discussion as to the significance of 666 and one of the earliest writings on the number of the beast was by Irenaeus (A.D. 130).

Irenaeus identified the first beast of Revelation 13 as the Antichrist, and was of the opinion that the numerical values of the letters of his name would add up to 666. Ever since early Christianity, many have applied 666 to many names from Nero to the current day figures. Therefore, it should be clear that the number cannot identify the beast alone since many names can add up to 666. But since the beast has already been identified, then we do know that this number must relate to this power in some way.

The real origin of 666 is not easily found and the real truth is only just recently coming to light but is very important historical information as it gives very substantial evidence to the relevance of 666 now being applied to the number of a man from the beast power.

It is exceedingly significant that this number originally came from solar seals from the Babylonian religion and was associated with astrology, and especially the worship of the Sun. Further confirmation comes from the fact that one had to count the numbers on these solar seals in the same way we are told to count the number of the beast, which in both cases add up to 666.

666 number of the beast solar sealYou will find the number of the beast is a really fascinating topic and the following page not only identifies the beast but provides a lot of detail on the real origin of 666 including more images of solar seals that have even been found with the number 666 on them such as the one shown right.

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